Vectra Fitness VX-18


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Single Stack Multi-Station – The VX-18 is the result of 25 years of research and development, and is widely considered to be the best single stack, multi station weight machine in the industry. The VX-18’s pulley stations are versatile and, like all Vectra exercises, operate smoothly. The high pulley, swiveling low pulley, and swiveling mid pulley provide you options for a great number of quality strength training exercises. The chest supported row seat back has 12 positions and a one-touch adjustment lever and also provides back support during leg extension exercises
Natural Motion – The Parallelogram Direct-Drive Press Arm eliminates cable stretch completely. It lifts the weight at an exact 1:1 ratio in an arc similar to the natural motion of a correctly performed
free weight bench press. The handy 21-position fingertip adjustment lever allows you to change press arm location while you are in the exercise, saving you valuable workout time.
Vector Bench – Included! – This commercially rated gym includes our 7-position Vector bench. This bench features a protractor style degree indicator so you can set the bench at the precise angle for your exercise. The bench rolls easily on sturdy wheels which allows it to be used with your home gym or independently as a dumbbell bench. An automatically locking mechanism in the wheels keeps the bench securely in position when you are on the bench.
Includes 210 lbs.weight stacks
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5’10” x 9’3″ x 6’11”
Machine Weight: 720 lbs.