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The Voice

When I hear that alarm at 5:50 every morning telling me to “GET UP”, that little voice comes to attention… “Do NOT get up, GO BACK to bed, do NOT get up, do NOT get up!!!!!”  That voice is relentless! It thinks of all sorts of reasons why I should not work out; “It’s too cold, “you don’t need to workout today”, “you need more sleep”, on and on and on. I’m chuckling right now. I’m not chuckling in the morning. I just try to listen to the voice of reason saying; “ignore it all, just get up and do it”. Take it slow, acclimate, just do it.

The real me wins out most of the time. I feel so much better after a good cardio workout! Not only do I feel better physically, but I can think better and thinking better is a high priority! I am paranoid about loosing grey matter, haha….


Helps Build Heart Health

Increases Your Metabolism

Stress Reliever

Endorphin Releaser

Improves Recovery

So lets all get out of bed and…..



Monday- did it

Tuesday-did it

Wednesday- stayed in bed

Thursday -did it